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Home Staging In Minneapolis/St. Paul and Greater Twin Cities

We have been staging in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul for the last five years.  The following provides a brief description of the services we offer and how this can benefit you.  We can be reached at 763-458-9978 for more information

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Rehab Consulting -  Over the past few years we have worked with many rehab administrators in the Twin Cities and as our relationships have grown they have called on us to assist them in the decision making process.  We can assist with flooring, lighting, cabinets/countertops, appliances, carpet and paint selections.  Our goal is to help the rehabber or the homeowner decide where to best invest their dollars when preparing the home for sale.

Staging Vacants – Typically, one would think a vacant home would be easy to sell, as there is no clutter, collections and/or furnishings to distract the buyer from the home.  However, the reverse is true - When a home is vacant there is no place for the eye rest and buyers often walk through and go on to the next house. When a house is empty there is nothing to connect with and buyers move on.

Odor Reduction/Elimination – Odors as well as allergy causing particulates can also make a nice property seem not so nice very quickly.  We can reduce or eliminate most odors and allergons quickly and efficiently. Including cat and animal odors, molds, and smoke.  If you are in need of these services regularly, talk to us about purchasing one of our Clean Air machines.

Staging Rental -  We carry all types of furniture and accessories in our  warehouse just for this purpose.  Our goal is to have available the neccessary and up to date styles and latest to help your property look its best.  We not only carry inventory for ourselves but also for other stagers, decorators, designers, and even photographers.  Owning our own inventory of furniture and accessories allows uo to help keep the cost down and pass savings to our customers.
Staging for Existing -   No matter how good a homeowners taste in furnishings may be, they still have certain habits that are hard to get away from.   Whether they have style that would bring any designer to tears or are just the “average Joe”,  everyone develops habits in placement and usage.  The value in staging a home often becomes clear to the homeowner after their first experience.
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