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 "What more can I do?"      

Ask yourself a few questions.

1.  How many houses do I have on the market?

2. How many of those houses have been on the market for

    30 days or more?

3. How long does a typical showing last 5 min, 10 min, 30min?

4. How many other houses in this neighborhood are also

    on the market?

5. My house looks good, its clean, neat, not dated..... is there

    something I am missing?

6. Have we honestly considered everything that can done to

     help sell this property?

7. Is the property already listed?  Unfortunately we often get the call after it

    has been on the market already.  Stage the property before you list!  It is

    when you have the most traffic that you want to make the biggest impact

    you can.  More traffic, best appeal, equals more offers.   Waiting till after

    its already struggling is not taking advantage of the one-two punch of a

    fresh listing.


The truth is, whether your a home owner wanting to sell, or a realtor listing

a property, these questions can apply.  In many of the classes we have

been teaching over the years, we would always stage a property as part of each class. These houses are in all price points and in all types of

neighborhoods.  In some homes the improvement needs are obvious.

But in many, what can be done is not.  We often hear the comment "it looks good, what can we do?"

Much to their surprise, there is a lot that can be done ... they just didn't realize it.  In staging there are alot of processes that take place.  And just because a house looks good, doesn't mean in can't look better.  Don't forget, many of the other houses on the same block and street look nice too.  They are your competition striving to get the buyer just like you.  You have to look better.

Looking better, what does that mean? It seems obvious, but its not.  Once a buyer has identified what fits their wants and needs, they start looking for the house that looks and appeals to them.  We say feels, because buying a home is also emotional.  Making that emotional attatchment is often based upon how it looks.  What you the seller or realtor need to realize is how you live in your house and how you market and sell it, are two different things.  Being neat and clean is just the start.


Staging isn't just about cleaning a house and decluttering .  Its about creating a space that makes a buyer want to settle in, a buyer need to be visualizing their own things and make mental and emotional connections to the property.  Calling a professional stager is often overlooked until after the house has been on the market, and perhaps after a price reduction.  Unfortunately the ability to make a good first impression on the largest number of potential buyers has passed.  The best time to stage is before the house enters the market to gain optimum benefit of the first ten days on the market.  A good stager will often reduce market days significantly and have saved you a possible price reduction and another mortgage payment.  If your considering a price reduction a good staging job may make the difference. 

Stagers can also help you with update recomendations for your home.  While a good stager can often use many or most of what you have to help you create a much better space, there are some things that may simply have to change.  One thing that is often recomended is painting.  Its an inexpensive way to update and bring extra value to the listing.  An educated stager will recomend colors that will appeal to the largest audience.  Remember a stager is helping you prepare for the buyer.

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