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Welcome to LH2 Staging Inc Newsletter For October

For those buyers with homework bound children, having a functional office space may be at the top of the 'must have' list for new homes. Families are getting ready for school and buyers are keeping in mind how functional new homes will be for the upcoming school year. Taking homework areas and the home office trend into consideration may factor into your listing being a quick sale or having numerous price reductions.

Homework in the Home Office

It is well established that staging a home makes a quick and positive impact in home sales. How to stage a home is an important piece of that. Factors to take into consideration include the size of the house, neighborhood, and the target buyers' demographics. Understanding what kind of staging each home requires will inform the decision to stage a room as an office or a nursery.

If a spare room is not available, an open area off the kitchen may make a great office space. As with the subtle, powerful impact of color, creating a staged office needs to be carefully done. First things first. Make a plan. Second part, go over the Five Staging Steps in your office space. Clean It, Fix It, Clear It, Move It and Add It. For existing offices, make certain that any sensitive information should be kept off sight or locked up. Clients may resist this, but reminding them that a well-organized filing system makes it easy for anyone curious about closet space to inadvertently find out too much about the homeowners. Curiosity killed the cat, and sometimes the sale.

An office plan begins with a clean, organized space. In staging, this translates to a clean, beautiful, serene area that draws visitors to want to sit down and get to work. It is an office oasis: flowers on the desk, beautiful art on the walls, a lovely chair that imparts the sense that work is a pleasurable experience here, and office time is peaceful, focused and effective.

What won't be in sight: stacks of papers demanding attention, tangled cords mixed in with dust bunnies, bulletin boards with or without random personal notes, photos, or unpaid bills posted. Excess electronics will be put away, photos, journals, files and all personal information will be out of sight.

In homes staged with children in mind, homework is not in the home office, but in a homework area in the child's room. This area, like the office, should be clean, spacious, and look ready for concentrated study time. Distractions should be minimized in a staged room, with extra care taken on the study area. A clean, clear, well-lit space that says to buyers, "your children will get an A+ in every subject by living and studying here".

The final hint for staging the homework and home office spaces: it should look like an ideal work space.

Next Month: Staging for Babies, Children and Teens

LH2 Staging Offerings
LH2 Staging offers an array of design services for you and your clients.

Home Staging Consultations:
If your client only needs a bit of help, we can come in and advise your client on everything they need to do to prepare their home for sale and then come back and showcase the property for them.

Home Staging for Occupied Properties:
If your client needs a bit more help, we can come in with a crew and do everything, from the packing to complete staging using a combination of their things and our own inventory.

Home Staging for Vacant Properties:
We have the resources and inventory to fully stage your vacant property.

Interior Redesign:
Using mostly what you already own, we create a whole new, fresh look - helping you achieve that "Wow!" factor on a budget.

Office Redesign:
If you have clients coming to your office, staging that space for success is key to marketing yourself.

Color & Remodel Consultation:
We can help guide your clients to the decisions that will make the property sell, and sell fast. We provide the same services for clients not planning on selling.

We offer classes in Color and Home Staging - check our sister websites www.Stagingtraining.com and www.csptraining.com

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