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Just moving in to our new warehouse!!!  While the racks aren't here yet and nothing has been organized or shelved, you can see a very tiny Lynelle waving in the back of the warehouse to give you a perspective, just wait till we bring the other half!

lynelle hartmanLynelle Hartman

Certified Staging Professional (CSP)

Certified Home Marketing Specialist (CHMS)

Certified Staging Pro Trainer (CSPT)

Dewey Color System Instructor (DCSI)

Accredited Staging Professional Master (ASPM)

10 Years Real Estate Experience

Home Staging Professional

in Minneapolis/St Paul

Lynelle has participated in the building, growth and development the staging industry since its infancy.  She has played a large part in helping to develop and teach the two largest staging programs in the world.   Currently she is a Trainer for the Certified Staging Professional program.  Lynelle’s support and influence has helped make this state of the art program the best and most complete staging course available in the nation.  The other was the Accredited Staging Professional program in which she was the second and longest trainer of the program.  Having both the training aspect and practical usage on a daily basis through her staging business LH2 Staging Inc makes her one of the best in the business.

Lynelle is a true home staging professional at heart.  Having both a passion for people and their homes, home staging has allowed her to combine both into a career and blessing.  Honed by a large variety of experiences and professions in the real estate industry she has grown in her understanding of the sales and staging process – giving LH2 Staging great depth and understanding of the staging and sales process.  During her 10 year real estate career she specialized in relocation.  Working with corporate buyers through the process of area education, understating the local market, and even finding the best dry cleaners in the area!  When working with the listings she was a noted negotiator and truly understands the process your home goes through when you sell.  Her education and passion for people has also been instrumental in staging because she understands the emotional stress the sales and moving process can be.  Prior to entering the staging world she worked with troubled youth - from family mediation, to the court system all through a relationally based youth program.



leigh hagen Leigh Hagen

Certified Staging Professional (CSP)

Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)

Staging Homes in Minneapolis/St Paul


I came to the staging business through Lynelle’s need for a strong back!  When she began her staging business she needed help moving furniture up and down multiple flights of stairs—so she called me.  What she did not realize is that I come from a construction background and tend to look at things for what they can be.  After working together for awhile we became formal business partners in LH2 Staging Inc. 

I have spent the past 13 years as a personal trainer with an emphasis in physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Our staging business has allowed me to grow and use my talents in computers and hone my photography skills. 

In our staging work we often use original works from LH2 Photography to complete the spaces.  I am always looking for the next shot—whether it is a floral, architectural, landscape or classical composition.  I enjoy the challenge and creativity of photography and being able to bring my work to our staging business.  

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