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Home Staging Vacants In Minneapolis/St. Paul and Greater Twin Cities Minnesota

Staging VacantsTypically, one would think a vacant home would be easy to sell since there is no clutter, collections and/or furnishings to distract the buyer from the home.  However, the reverse is true - when a home is vacant there is no place for the eye rest and buyers often walk through and go on to the next house. When a house is empty there is nothing to connect with and buyers move on. 

Unstaged Vacant, click for a larger view

When staging vacant properties it is our goal to create a place for the eye to rest and for buyers to begin connecting emotionally with the space.  When staging vacant properties it our job to show how buyers can use the space and to help them mentally begin moving into the home.

 Staged Vacant, click for larger view

Costs for staging a vacant property vary – we will provide a bid at no cost to the seller or the Realtor.  Our services include the staging work and rental of the furnishings from our warehouse.  We have a wide variety of furniture and accessories to complement any home. 

Staging a vacant is just one means to help the buyer see what the house is really like.  Otherwise to them its just empty space.  However just as important is Staging a non-vacant property.  Buyers are looking for the dream house.  Most likely a seller's property could be better using what they already have.  Because how you live in your home and how you market and sell your house, are two very different things.


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