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Color is a wonderful thing.  Whether you are staging for living, staging to sell, or just creating a new look, it can breath life into any room.  It can make a nice room into a "wow" room.  However it can do just the opposite if not used properly.  It is often able to influence our moods and feelings.   So what is the right color choice?

The sensational modern new condo is one place where color can shine.  This condo while beautiful in style will be incredible in color.  Here is where the training and Dewey Color system can mesh the personality and likes of the owner with the architecture. 




Feb 12th, 07

Stay tuned for the results.

Rehab Consulting:  Staging homes also often means there are some home upgrades and updates to be done.  We often have the opportunity to advise a number of successful rehab specialists in their decisions because the number one goal is how to get the most "bang" for the buck.  As the eyes of an objective buyer we can help you sort through the different possibilities saving you both

money and time.  There are many supporting statistics showing what buyers are looking for in the homes they purchase.  Whether its kitchen and bathroom updates, hardwood floors, or just a change in the home colors.  Each decision has a dizzying array of possible choices and outcomes.    In many cases you

may have lived in your home for several years.  While the colors and styles may be right for living, you are currently competing against many new and modern homes.  Fortunately, there is a charm  to many older homes that a new one can not capture.  Creating the right mix of the old charm with the new update can be most effective in competing against
the new home market.  This is one of the many things we love and enjoy with the Minneapolis and St. Paul area markets. 
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