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Odor Elimination and Reductions

Odors are often the cause of many sales to never happen.  Because many of these odors are often caused by molds, dust mites, smoke, or dander they may also cause severe allergic reactions.  An allergic reaction to a property that you are trying to sell is never the right reaction.  Some times you may know what is causing the reaction.  You may even be able to see it, but more often than not its unseen.  Only the smell is there to remind you of what you don't like. 

Pet odors are very common.  Whether its urine stains or dander, neither provides a desirable outcome.  Smoking is also a very common deterrent for many potential buyers.  So the question remains, how do we handle these types of situations?

We at LH2 Staging have several methods and products available to help with the reduction or permanent removal of odors and allergens.  Contact us for more information.

If you experience mold, pollen, and dust reactions, have bad allergies, or are a realtor with listings with smokers we are a Clean Air dealer and can recomend a machine to remove 98% or airborne particles from the air.  Each machine can cycle the air of a 3,000 sq ft home in 24 hours.

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